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Finally after two months, we have a new chapter.

Chloe comes from the Russia branch and was under the Third Unit. She used to be the Captain, but lost her strength and had to shift to backline operations. She's still strong enough to whack Aragami, however. Godot asks her why she's here, and she says that she's here to save people. Godot asks if Himalaya Branch's current situation is what she wants to save. Chloe says she already has a three-phase plan. 1. Eradicate the Aragami, 2. Build satellite bases and 3. Move people here from other branches.

Everyone isn't impressed save for Karena, who says she's much better than the previous Director. Liu and Godot grudgingly agree, then the Branch gets attacked again and we roll out. Since Godot is back to being Captain, protag is now Vice-Captain. Before they go back to the base after finishing the mission, Godot asks Liu and Leila to not tell Chloe about Mariaghost. When they report back, Chloe assigns everyone specific tasks to assist in the improvement of the Branch. Leila is tasked to collect Aragami intel. Liu is tasked to help repair the Anti-Aragami wall. Godot is tasked to figure out how to counter Nebuchadnezzar. Chloe says that she'll formulate a plan against Kubera herself, and will analyze the data from the Unmanned God Arc Soldiers. Protag is tasked to support everyone else.


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