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For bigger versions of the CGs, right click + open in new tab!

Protag wakes up in the medbay. Godot tells them that they passed out, then Liu and Leila carried them back. They were given a medical check and nothing was wrong, so they were left to rest. JJ tells the team that Abyss Factor is the excess overflow of Oracle from God Arcs. It's kind of like adrenaline for God Arcs.

Mariaghost then appears to explain the Abyss Factors. It's kind of like Blood Arts and you can equip it. Apparently, it's unusable if you haven't unlocked the Abyss Drive yet. She asks protag to try it out. Everyone is quite impressed with the effects, and Godot asks protag not to push themselves.

Even the Far East cannot assist the Himalayan Branch. Sakaki is very interested in Maria, but they're also shorthanded so he can't send anyone. Godot says they must be very busy if even Sakaki can't come.

While protag talks to JJ about Abyss Factors, Mariaghost appears to thank JJ for maintenance. JJ is super touched and made very happy. Later on, Godot talks to protag about what they think of their two party members.

When Leila and protag go out on a mission alone, she asks if they think she's weird. They then ask about Mariaghost and if she's playing the same role, to which Mariaghost appears and say that they aren't the same person anymore and can't play the same role.

After the next mission, Godot asks Karena to sleep. She refuses, so Dorothy carries her to bed. She sleeps for 40 hours in the end. Afterwards a Quadriga is detected on the scanners and Liu gets super excited, as usual. Leila tries to rain on his parade, to which he says she can't understand romaticism. Leila goes "Aragami aren't romantic!!"

Liu is picked to go on the mission since he's always calm and collected. After the mission, he says that since Godot (whom he respects) doesn't even react, he doesn't have a reason to fear. After they go back to the base, Liu says that fighting Aragami does have a purpose, to which Godot replies that it's still too much work.

A Chernobog shows up again and Liu is in good spirits. Both Leila and protag worry for him. Dorothy comes in and explains that Liu's family are merchants just like her, so he also has to chase after profits/valuable things. After the mission, the team receives reports that there are more Aragami coming into the area. Liu wants to hunt more Aragami for parts, so he runs off on his own. Mariaghost appears swiftly and tells protag and Leila to follow him.

Liu is ambushed by Nebuchadnezzar. Mariaghost and protag fire at it, and it then runs away. Leila asks protag why they were able to detect the Aragami despite at longer range, to which Mariaghost replies that Abyss Factor has lengthened the detection range. Liu storms off angry and everyone retreats after him. At the base, he tells everyone of his resolve to defeat it. Leila ribs him about it and the two of them bicker a little more, but it's friendly instead of just yelling at each other.

The Kubera was last seen fleeing southeast into a deep ravine, where it was lost by the helicopter tracking it. Godot says that the supply plane from the China Branch might be able to get pictures of it when it flies over. Godot and Karena have also made plans for how to possibly stop the Kubera. It involves laser bullets and a rain of large crush bullets in a cross formation. To do this, the GEs need to capture some specific strategic points, so they head out to exterminate the Aragami.

The Kubera makes a move and approaches the Branch at a rapid pace. One of the Anti-Aragami walls also falls, so the reserve unit has to be dispatched to that area, leaving the 1st Unit to fend off the Kubera alone.

Suddenly, a woman's voice comes over the intercom. Godot asks for her identity. She says she doesn't have a unit, but she's strong enough. An army of God Arc Soldiers appear and attack the Kubera. They're unmanned, which are illegal, but Godot says to fight first and ask questions later. You can only 'defeat' the Kubera by using Abyss Aragami Bullets, which is annoying, but it should go down in 5-6 hits.

After Godot and co knock the Kubera around, it retreats from the Branch. The mysterious woman tells them to retreat, since further fighting would be pointless. And she says it's an order, since she's the Branch Director now. She introduces herself as Chloe Grace (?).

And off we go to Chapter 4.


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