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Dorothy comes to give protag some advice and talk about how she's the only merchant supplying the Himalayan Branch (along with JJ being the only engineer) and they're not about to abandon the Branch just because of this.

After this, Godot asks everyone to look for the Kubera's nest. He says the Anti-Aragami wall should defend against the small and medium sized Aragami so they should focus on tracking the Kubera for now. Leila asks Godot if he has any reply from HQ, which there isn't - Godot says Far East didn't get any help either when they had their crisis so they should just deal with it themselves.

Godot used to be from Singapore, apparently. He considers going back due to them being shorthanded too, but he's staying here to help out.

The mission immediately following this has you go back to the abandoned lab. After the mission is done, Mariaghost appears to ask protag if they need help, but then they hesitate too long and she says 'time's up' before vanishing again. Protag is downcast when they return, which Dorothy notices, and tries to cheer them up by asking them to show her a 'cute pose'. They tell her about one they saw in the Far East magazines.

The duties on the God Eaters get more heavy due to having to pull double duty. Fighting an Ukonvasara takes a lot of effort, but Liu gets some good resources. Leila fights with him as usual. When they get back to the base, JJ tells them to take care of themselves and not overwork. Mariaghost then appears to tell them that their God Arc has been getting better due to devouring a lot of Aragami. Then she disappears. (why)

A new Aragami, Chernobog, appears and Liu is very eager to kill it for parts. He says it's very rarely seen. After you finish fighting it, Mariaghost appears and says that the 'function to have conversation' has been unlocked. Protag asks her if they will meet again, and she says yes before she disappears.

Apparently the God Arcs are made by Ho-oh Company (?). Liu is the oldest son of one of the managers, so he's naturally interested in them. He's happy that the situation has gotten more interesting so he can get more materials. He also tells protag to not be too mindful of his birth, since it's known in the Branch as well.

Mariaghost appears between Liu and Leila when they bicker after the next mission. Leila gets worried that Nebuchadnezzar will appear, but she says no and then disappears. When they get back to the base, JJ mentions that in the Far East there was a God Arc spirit who could wield an Arc themselves. They couldn't be seen at all, but there were records of Aragami being killed without anyone to do it. Link Aid too, and then the purpose of the spirit was to kill its wielder. And since protag comes from the Far East, it's probably the case, says JJ. Leila then gets too scared to go to the toilet.

After that, an Ouroboros appears. Liu is, as usual, very excited to fight it. After it's dead, Godot quickly leaves, while Liu and Leila bicker as usual. Mariaghost suddenly appears and asks protag to devour the Ouroboros' corpse. Protag runs quickly over to the corpse and devours it before Nebuchadnezzar can. Mariaghost appears and announces that the 'Abyss Factor is ready'. Protag feels a sudden strength welling up inside of them, and then Nebuchadnezzar disappears. Mariaghost confirms that it's gone before vanishing herself, and protag collapses to the ground.


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