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GEO: Chapter 1

For bigger versions of the CGs, right click + open in new tab!

You start off at the Himalayan Branch and the Tutorial has the protag and Maria go on a mission to explore a 'unique corridor' together. Maria has known protag for a long time and they haven't met for 3 years.

I yelled because this was behind your spawn area.

The game has you learn the controls through the corridor and it seems to be a submerged corridor implying it's under a lake or something.

The mission goes off without much of a hitch and the protag defeats some Ogretails and Dreadpikes before a white-fur Aragami suddenly ambushes the two of them (it doesn't show up on the radar).

Protag tries to fight off the Aragami, but it devours their God Arc. Without a weapon, they decide to use stun grenades to stun the Aragami and run off with Maria (who fainted due to the proximity to the grenade). They hide in a storeroom hoping that the Aragami won't track them, and they see an abandoned God Arc lying in a storage place.

They know that using another person's Arc would kill them, but they decide that they have to try anyway and... take the Arc. The Arc rejects them and tries to devour them, but Maria wakes up and takes the hit for them.

She disappears and somehow reappears again as a ghost? Protag yells and catches the Aragami's attention, but Mariaghost says 'permission granted to attack' and the Arc stops rejecting them. They then fight the Aragami and pass out.

Later on they wake up in the Himalayan Branch and Godot finds them. He's like 'you guys went out for too long so I came back to fetch you' and protag relays to them what happened. The fact that they also lost their Arc and are using some lost one. Technically if you lose your Arc you stop being a God Eater, but Godot says fuck that and he makes some 'small modifications' so that the cover story is that the protag found their Arc again somehow. He also tells them to get it checked by JJ, the mechanic, later.

Then you meet the Operator Karena, who's young and peppy. She shows protag around the branch and there's a couple of tutorials on buying stuff from the merchant. We also meet another Operator (I need to check her name) who runs the Order Counter.

Later on protag is assigned to go out with Leila on a mission. She's very haughty to them and says they're not worth their time. There's also a fanservice bath scene.

We're also introduced to the third member of the first unit, Liu Fenghuang (everyone calls him Liu). He's more approachable than Leila, but he also has very keen interest in harvesting Aragami materials. He argues with Leila a lot because she treats him badly, so he snarks at her in return and it's a never ending cycle. At some point we meet the branch director (I need to check his name) who's basically like Grem v2.0. He sucks.

Protag also sees Mariaghost a couple of times and Leila calls them crazy. Except Mariaghost gives very good information, such as predictions of Aragami reinforcements. She even tells protag when the white-fur Aragami appears to try and ambush them, and protag manages to shove Leila out of the way. However, before they fight it, it runs away.

After that they return to report to Godot again, who believes more in them. Then Protag wants to report it to the Director, but then when they approach the Director's office, they see him prostrating and kissing Leila's hands. Being very socially aware, protag leaves. Later on they see Leila, who tells them that her father has great influence within Fenrir thus the Director is basically subservient to her. It's apparently not a secret at all inside the branch, and all 3 of the 1st Unit folks (including Godot) say he's useless.

Liu calls Leila a coward for not chasing after the white-fur Aragami, and Leila calls him a useless God Eater for being so reckless with his life. Everything is as usual etc until Godot goes like, I must go for my Hobby Time, leaving the 2 other kids to squabble, and that makes Karena angry enough to accost him. She accuses him of not doing a Captain's duty, but then he just says that she has too high expectations of him and leaves.

JJ counsels her and tells her that Godot needs time to himself too. Protag is talked to by Dorothy and we get some backstory. Protag and Maria were the only survivors of an orphanage facility for children who had potential to become God Eaters. Maria, being the oldest, took care of the kids. Dorothy tells protag that she has faith in them finding Maria again.

That night, we get some spooky foreshadowing.

We get a cutscene of the Director panicking because the pattern of increasing Aragami around the area matches the pattern that happened when the old Branch fell. He then tries to ask HQ for assistance. The next morning, we are told that it was Godot who asked protag and Maria to investigate the old Branch ruins. It's officially recorded as resource and intelligence gathering missions, but Godot wants to investigate the truth. (It's stated in the trailer that it contains an abandoned research facility, but the characters aren't informed of that yet.)

Later on, an impossibly huge Aragami appears on the radar and Karena runs to alert Godot. Godot decides to ride out alone to lure it away from the civilians, implicitly saying that he will be sacrificing himself to save the others. Everyone protests but he goes off anyway...

But then the protag says 'fuck that' and goes off after him. The Kubera (this Aragami) completely ignores Godot, but responds to the protag, and after a while it runs away due to Mariaghost's intervention.

Now that the threat is out of the way, Godot and protag return to the branch. They also find out that the Director has fled the branch on a helicopter, thus leaving the Branch deprived of leadership. We get names for the white-fur Aragami, Nebuchadnezzar, and Kubera up there. Godot names himself Acting Director, saying the hierarchy has no meaning anymore so he can do whatever he wants. And since there isn't a captain for the 1st unit anymore, he names the protag.

Of course our dear 2 friends protest, but Godot explains that protag has been the one handling the crisis and can see Mariaghost etc, so they should be it. So Leila and Liu accept it grudgingly.

Here concludes chapter 1... and on to chapter 2. The Mystery Deepens.

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